IUTAM Symposium on
Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows

December 15-18, 2014 at Hotel Marriott, Goa, INDIA

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Averages for Goa in December

Goa's good weather continues in December.

With plenty of sunshine seen each day, the weather remains very hot and sunny throughout with barely any rain seen during the month.

This may be winter, but the temperatures remain high, so expect beach weather.

The average daily temperature for this month in Goa is 27°C which can reach 32°C or drop to 21°C.

There is an average of 10 hours of sunshine each day in Goa.

The average temperature of the sea during this month is 27°C.

The average amount of rainfall this month is 10 mm over 1 day.

Weather Information