IUTAM Symposium on
Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows

December 15-18, 2014 at Hotel Marriott, Goa, INDIA

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   The current IUTAM Symposium on the “Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows” will be held during December 15-18, 2014 in Goa, India. This symposium is being organized with the aim to provide a platform to bring together leading researchers in the concerned fields to exchange ideas and discuss recent developments. The focus areas are:

1. Advanced computational methods with the specific aim of performing benchmark quality DNS for transitional/turbulent flows. In this context, numerical methods which identify and minimize various sources of errors and quantify their performance on turbulent flow simulations are of main interest.

2. Modeling of transitional/turbulent flows, including flows over complex geometries and involving multi-physics. In this context, advances in physical modeling in LES, DES and Hybrid methods and improved predictions are of main interest.

3. With advances made in simulating transitional/turbulent flows, it is legitimate to control such complex flows for engineering purposes of drag reduction, separation control and noise mitigation. In this regard, complex multi-physics phenomena require substantial modeling.

4. Ultimate aim in all of the above is to enhance our understanding of the physical processes of transition and turbulence. Thus, one of the major goals of this symposium will be to assimilate the benefits of computing in developing better theoretical and numerical models for diverse areas of fluid mechanics exhibiting transitional/turbulent flows.

   This symposium invites researchers, academicians and students working in diverse areas of transitional and turbulent flows to participate, present papers and posters, meet and exchange ideas. Further information about registration, accommodation and the programme details are provided in various links of this website.