IUTAM Symposium on
Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows

December 15-18, 2014, Goa, INDIA

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Contact Details

  • Prof. Sanjiva K. Lele
  • (Organizing Chairman)
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
    Stanford Univ., California, USA
    Tel: +1-650-723-7721
    Fax: +1-650-725-3525
    Email: lele@stanford.edu

  • Prof. Tapan K. Sengupta
  • (Organizing Chairman)
    High Performance Computing Laboratory,
    Department of Aerospace Engg.,
    IIT Kanpur, India
    Tel: +91-512-2597945/ 2597253
    Fax: +91-512-2597626
    E-mail: tksen@iitk.ac.in