Coping With The Journal Review Process

Please see this about coping with the journal review process.pdf published in Current Science, 92(9), May 2007.

Scientific aspects of global warming

Lot of things have been said over the last decade or two about global warming. Global warming, as the name suggests, refers to an increase in the average temperatures of the earth’s surface and oceans. The debate or discussion has always centered on anthropogenic addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as a reason for increase in global temperatures. From the perspective of geophysical fluid dynamics and scientific computing, this amounts to changing few computational parameters and turning the switch on for various code(s) with multiple levels of sophistication and models.

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Engineering or Scientific Computing?

The early stages in the development of CFD are over. Many among us marvel at those colourful fluid dynamics pictures staring at us for the most inconceivable complex geometries. With the maturity of the subject so much in evidence, is the development phase of the subject truly over? Will the newcomer have a feeling that they have come to the subject of CFD a little too late?