"Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics" on published by Springer Nature.

Monograph titled "High-Performance Computing of Big Data for Turbulence and Combustion" is published by Springer Nature Switzerland.

"DNS of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows: A First Principle Approach" is published by Springer Nature.

Symposium proceedings on "Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows." is published by World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore. Link of Book.

New Book titled "Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics" is published by John Wiley Press. Book Review.

"High Accuracy Computing Methods: Fluid Flows and Wave Phenomena" is published by Cambridge University Press.

"Instabilities of Flows and Transition to Turbulence" is published by CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis.

Monograph titled "Instabilities of Flow: with and without Heat Transfer and Chemical Reaction" is published by Springer Wien-New York.

Textbook titled "Fundamentals of CFD" published by Universities Press, Hyderabad, India. "CFD Book Review"

"International Conference On Metacomputing"

Keynote talk at National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa on December 17 2010 by Mr. Swagata Bhaumik.

"National Symposium on HPC in Academia and Beyond"

TALK at BESU, Shibpur, Kolkata on March 4 2010 by Prof. T.K. Sengupta.

MIT PRESENTATIONS (click on the links below)

PLENARY TALK on DNS by Prof T.K. Sengupta at 5th M.I.T Conf. on Advances in CFD (2009).

ICOMEC-2011 Presentation on DNS in CFD by Prof. T. K. Sengupta, S. Bhaumik and Y. G. Bhumkar

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