"Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics" on published by Springer Nature.

Monograph titled "High-Performance Computing of Big Data for Turbulence and Combustion" is published by Springer Nature Switzerland.

"DNS of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows: A First Principle Approach" is published by Springer Nature.

Symposium proceedings on "Advances in Computation, Modeling and Control of Transitional and Turbulent Flows." is published by World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore. Link of Book.

New Book titled "Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics" is published by John Wiley Press. Book Review.

"High Accuracy Computing Methods: Fluid Flows and Wave Phenomena" is published by Cambridge University Press.

"Instabilities of Flows and Transition to Turbulence" is published by CRC Press/ Taylor & Francis.

Monograph titled "Instabilities of Flow: with and without Heat Transfer and Chemical Reaction" is published by Springer Wien-New York.

Textbook titled "Fundamentals of CFD" published by Universities Press, Hyderabad, India. "CFD Book Review"

"International Conference On Metacomputing"

Keynote talk at National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa on December 17 2010 by Mr. Swagata Bhaumik.

"National Symposium on HPC in Academia and Beyond"

TALK at BESU, Shibpur, Kolkata on March 4 2010 by Prof. T.K. Sengupta.

MIT PRESENTATIONS (click on the links below)

PLENARY TALK on DNS by Prof T.K. Sengupta at 5th M.I.T Conf. on Advances in CFD (2009).

ICOMEC-2011 Presentation on DNS in CFD by Prof. T. K. Sengupta, S. Bhaumik and Y. G. Bhumkar

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M. Tech. Students Graduated

M. Tech. Students


   Atchyut Gullapalli. "Reduced order modeling based on modified time-scale interpolation of vorticity data".

   Jyoti Sangwan. "Investigation of compressibility effects on dynamic stall of pitching airfoil".

   Zulqarnain Akbar Shabab. "Flow Transition for a Zero Pressure Gradient Boundary layer by Wide-Band Wall Excitation".


   Akhil M. "Transition to Turbulence Spaital, Temporal or Spatio Temporal Route".

   Syed Ijlal Haider. "Enstrophy based reduced order models for flows past circular cylinder".

   Nilesh G Sawant. "Receptivity and Instability in a Square Duct".

   Prasoon Suchandra. "Direct Simulation of 2D Compressible Flow around Airfoil undergoing Pitching Oscillation".


   Ashwin Vishnu M. "Mixed Convection Flow Instabilities with and without Boussinesq Approximation"

   Parvathi M K. "Reduced Order Modeling of Instability for Flow Using Enstrophy-Based POD".

   Sriramkrishnan M. "DNS of Three-Dimensional Incompressible Channel Flow".

   Kumar Saurabh. "Shock Boundary Layer Interactions in Transonic Flows and flow Instabilities".


   Ashish M. Bhole. "Direct Numerical Simulation of Transonic Flows over Airfoils".

   Abir Ranjan Das. "Simulation of Flow over Rigid Wavy Surfaces".

   Pallavi Gumma. "Nonlinear Instability of Flow Past a Cylinder via POD Analysis".

   Sathish B. Krishnan. "Low Speed Aerodynamics and Effects of Free Stream Turbulence".

   Himanshu Singh. "Flow in a rectangular lid driven cavity".


    Rikhi Bose. "Linear Stability Analysis and Nonlinear Receptivity Study of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer".

    Rayan Chatterjee. "An investigation of the Bypass Transition of a flat plate boundary caused by free stream vortical disturbances".

    V. K. Sathyanarayanan. "Transition in Boundary Layers by Direct Numerical Simulation".

    K. Sivasubramani. "Simulation of Flow in a Lid Driven Cavity of Aspect Ratio of Three".


    Omar Syed Farooq. "Drag polar of a NLF airfoil using DNS".

    Shakti Saurabh. "Study of Instability of Flow Past Two Side-By-Side Circular Cylinders at Low Reynolds Number".

    N. A. Sreejith. "Effects of Plasma for Transonic Flow Past an Airfoil".

    S. Unnikrishanan. "Linear Stability Analysis and Nonlinear Receptivity Study of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Developing Over a Heated Flat Plate".


    V. K. Suman. "Effects of Plasma Actuation on Flow Past Natural Laminar Flow (SHM-1) Airfoil".

    Shameem Usman. "Linear and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Mixed Convection Flow Past A Horizontal Plate".


    Nishat Hussain. "Effects of Free Stream Turbulence on an Airfoil for General Aviation Application".

    Neelu Singh. "Dynamical System Approach to Bluff-Body Flow Transition".

    Vikram Singh. " Analytic Design of an Airfoil for Bypass Transition Delay".

    Sarvagy Shukl. "Computational study of dynamic stall over NACA 0012 airfoil".

    V. V. S. N. Vijay. "Effects of Discrete Roughness on the Flow over a Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) Airfoil ".

    Garud Vishal. "Development of a free stream turbulence model and its effect on ZPG shear layer".


    V. Lakshmanan. "Direct simulation of receptivity in two-dimensional flows".

    Shashikant Pawar. "Effect of Flow Direction on the Instability of Mixed Convection Flow Past A Circulation Cylinder ".


    Arunabha Biswas. "Characteristics of Free Stream Turbulence of a Wind Tunnel: It's Role on the Onset of Vortex Shedding Behind a Circular Cylinder".

    Naresh Kumar. "Receptivity of Hypersonic Boundary layer to Free-stream Vortical excitation".

    Pramod Bagade. "Study of Wake-induced Instability in a 2D Incompressible Channel Flow".

    S. V. Sajjan. "Unsteady Vortical Aerodynamics for Airfoils".


    Anurag Dipankar. "Computations of Receptivity at Hypersonic Mach Numbers".

    Gaurav Kumar. "Flow Past two Circulation Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement".

    G. Kumaravel. "Study of Computational Aeroacoustic Methods for Rockets and Missiles".

    A. Kameshwararao. "Receptivity Analysis and DNS of Shear Layers2005".

    Ashvin Sharma. "Interaction of a Shear Layer with a Discrete Vortex".


    T. V. K. Rupesh. "Flow Control of Bluff Bodies Using Genetic Algorithms: Rotary Oscillation Of Circular Cylinder".


    G. Anuradha. "Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Wind-Shear Effects".


    Saurabh Naik. "Solving Elliptic Partial Differentioal Equations Using Classical Optimization methods and Genetic Algorithms" .


    D. Sridar. "Les Computation of Deep Dynamic Stall of NACA 0012 Oscillating Airfoil"


    Kapil Gupta. "Chaotic Flow Past An Airfoil - Intrinsic And Extrinsic Dynamics".

    Girish H. Bhandari. "Navier-Stokes Solver Using Higher Order Interpolation For Compressible Flow Past Cascades".


    Chetan Kumar. "Computation of Flow Over Delta Wings".


    Manoj T. Nair. "Orthogonal Grid Generation And its Applications".